Projects For The History Of Difference Equations
Recursive Relations

Coordinator: Dr. M. R. S. Kulenovic

Implementation: Senada Kalabusic and Dr. M. R. S. Kulenovic

University of Rhode Island

At the University of Rhode Island, the History of Mathematics course, Mth 381, is a general survey course in development and the philosophy of mathematics.  It provides a cultural background and foundation for advanced study in various branches of the subject.
    This site was created by Dr. M. Kulenovic, and the students enrolled in Math 381 during the fall semester of 2000.  The material presented was written as their final project.
    Our site was created to give an account of the history of Difference Equations and Recursive Relations which anyone with some mathematical background could find beneficial.  There are links to mathematicians, theories, example, problems, and outside sites.  We have also created number of pictures and animations for better visualization of the material presented.

    Students were assigned a topic to research and design a nice web page.


Student name: Period:
Julie Roberts 600-0 B.C.
Megan Howard 0-400 A.D.
Karen Platt 400-1200
Manuel Furtado 1200-1600
Dennis Duquette 1600-1700
Eric Anderson 1700-1750
Barbara Simonelli 1751-1800
Andrea Pisani 1801-1825
Michael Cook 1826-1850
Sarah Pierson 1851-1875
Angela Esposito 1876-1900
Theron Hamilton 1901-1925
David Indelicato 1926-1950